Lunch time
Fall is here, and as the children and teens are getting back to school, we are once again forced to think about school lunches.

It's easier just to give the kids money and tell them to buy their lunch, pack those processed, ready-to-eat meals or pick up some fast food the day before. Yes, definitely easier, but if you want your children to develop healthy eating habits, avoid weight issues, have more energy and think better, these quick fixes won't work in the long run.

However, making lunch from home also doesn't guarantee a healthy meal. Here are the top five items to lose (and healthier choices to replace them with).

Banish these items from your kids' lunchboxes!

School lunches: What to lose

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Rose Reisman has been helping Canadians live healthier lives for over two decades. She has authored 18 books containing over 2000 recipes addressing chronic disease prevention, weight management and career stress. She is also a restaurant consultant, university professor, business owner and a very fit woman.

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