Parents and movie fanatics Leon Mackie and Lilly Lang Together have taken family portraits to a whole new level.

The couple and their 10-month-old son, Orson, recreated famous movie scenes in photos and the results are amazing and hilarious!

The photo project, posted on their site, was the result of moving to a new country and having loads of cardboard boxes and packing supplies left over. The parents, who now live in Australia, described their project on their site as "our homemade creations of some of your favourite movie scenes built from some of our favorite domestic junk."

The project has been ongoing since September. The creative duo use household items -- everything from toys to cardboard -- to create the props for their photos. Since starting, the family has adapted memorable scenes from movies such as "The Dark Knight" (aka The Dark Knighty-Night), "Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom" (The Cradle of Doom), and "Cast Away" (Castababy). But those are just a few. The couple frequently posts new photos every week.

"With our social lives drastically altered we decided to find a way to make some of those housebound weekends a little more fun," the couple said on their site. So without further ado, here are some of the family's best movie photos featuring their baby boy Orson.

Famous movie scenes by Cardboard Box Office

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