It's that time of year again! No, not the holidays -- though we're excited for that too -- but the time when we pour over the list of the year's most popular baby names in Canada and look ahead to what the next 12 month will have in store.

Baby name trends are fascinating for the window they provide into the current national psyche -- are we longing for simpler, more traditional times when we choose old-fashioned names like Levi (number 81 for boys), or embracing our modern age with a newer name like Kayla (number 56 for girls)? And which of this year's popular names are just a blip on the cultural radar, and which will rise by the end of 2014 or spark a wider trend?

Here are our 11 predictions for the naming trends that we'll see reflected in 2014's baby names lists.

2014 baby name predictions

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