Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony
Did you miss the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics? No worries! We watched it and took notes. You can impress your kids with these fun facts that we gathered:

1. Andorra: Who knew this country existed? It's a land-locked ski haven for Europeans bordered by Spain and France. The country has six athletes competing in the 2014 Olympics.

2. Greece has abandoned many of the buildings from the 2004 Olympics as they were too expensive to maintain. The country spent $15 billion to host the Olympics nearly 10 years ago.

3. The following countries only have one athlete each competing in these Olympics: the British Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Tonga, Philippines, Mexico and East Timor.

4. Canada has the third largest delegation with 221 athletes at the Games!

5. Saskatchewan's Hayley Wickenheiser carried Canada's flag in to Sochi's Fisht Stadium, where the ceremony was held. The hockey player will be competing for her fourth consecutive gold medal during these Olympics. She says: "It's great to be Canadian in moments like this... I hope everyone back home is proud and enjoy the Games."

6. Brazil will host the summer Olympics in 2016.

7. None of Ireland's athletes competing in the games actually live in the country. In fact, two live in Canada!

8. Canada is projected to win nine gold and 30 medals in Sochi.

9. The US has 65 times the population of Norway, and both countries are projected to win the same amount of medals. Actually, Norway is expected to get one more medal than the US.

10. Canadian forces watching the opening ceremony in Egypt, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

11. Jamaica got a big cheer for its bobsled team as they walked in the stadium. The team had to raise money on the internet to go to the Olympics. In two days, $100,000 was donated.

12. Countries entered the stadium in order according to the Russian alphabet.

13. Russia had three medals in Vancouver. They've made a lot of changes, hired new coaches, invested a lot of money and plan to win many more medals this year.

14. Host country always enter last during the ceremony. Russia has the second largest delegation with 225 athletes. US has the largest with 230.

15. Olympic competitions actually started on Thursday (day minus one).

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