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Although Susan Sarandon is expecting her first grandchild, you won't hear her being called 'grandma' any time soon.

Sarandon's oldest daughter Eva Amurri Martino is expecting a baby girl with her husband Kyle. As they await the new arrival in the family, the 67-year-old actress has settled on an alternative name for her granddaughter to call her.

"I borrowed this name from a very dear friend of mine who's from the South, and his grandma was 'Honey.' That's what I'm experimenting with, and Eva likes it, so we'll see," Sarandon told People Magazine last week.

Sarandon explained that she needed a new moniker in order to differentiate herself with her grandchild's other grandparents. "I think it's good because this is [Kyle's parents'] seventh grandchild, so they've established what his parents are called," she said.

When Eva, 28, announced her pregnancy last month, Sarandon was ecstatic. She joked with People saying, "I plan to just completely go against everything my daughter's trying to do and spoil [my grandchild] completely. I also can't wait for her to understand how challenging being a mother is and appreciate me even more when she finds out."

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Susan Sarandon's Gonna Be A Grandma! Eva Amurri Martino Is Pregnant